Refund Policy


Our refund policy is a blueprint of the situations under which we will issue a refund to our clients, the procedure for requesting a refund, and its duty in the event of such a claim. By enrolling for any of our services, you are indicating that you accept and agree to the refund policy’s terms and conditions.

  • Smartestlancer or a website owned and managed by it, a digital marketing agency, are covered by our refund policy.
  • This policy does not apply to firms owned or controlled by Smartestlancer, or to individuals who are not employed or managed by it. This includes any contract-bound third-party service and/or product suppliers, as well as any third-party websites linked from its website.

Filing a Complaint

  • Every project at Smartestlancer, a creative digital agency, is approached with the end product in mind. It is equally our and the client’s duty. As a result, we believe that every attempt should be made to figure out a mutually acceptable solution in any situation when service dissatisfaction arises. Only when things have spiraled out of control should a refund be considered.
  • Our ultimate goal is to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties. Even if you are not pleased and consider claiming a refund, we ask that you spend a few minutes writing to us at [email protected] for a final conversation before claiming a refund.
  • A refund claim should be made only if we fail to reach an agreement with you after discussions.

Refund Eligibility

Every project is important to us at Smartestlancer, a creative digital agency, and we make sure that each project is handled with the utmost attention and professionalism. Our goal is to deliver the outcomes following the proposal’s terms and conditions. However, if a client is dissatisfied with the results and wishes to pursue a dispute resolution procedure, we will examine refund claims under the following program, which lists our services and refund policies for each service:

For Services:

For Digital Products:

We DO NOT provide refunds once the order is completed and the product download link is sent because delivers non-tangible irrevocable goods. You, as a customer, are responsible for fully comprehending this before purchasing any goods on our website.


However, we recognize that extraordinary circumstances may arise due to the nature of the product we provide. As a result, we DO honor refund requests for the following reasons:

  • Specific terms: Some digital products may expressly state that a full or partial refund is contingent on customer satisfaction.
  • Non-delivery of the product: You may not receive a delivery e-mail from us owing to difficulties with your e-mail provider or your mail server. In this scenario, we suggest contacting us for help. Non-delivery claims must be made within 7 days of the order placement date. Otherwise, the product is considered to have been received and downloaded.
  • Issues with downloading and unzipping: If you experience difficulty downloading or unzipping the product, you must file a claim within seven days. If you do not contact us during this time, you will forfeit any further rights to redress or refund based on a “download issue.”
  • Major defects: although all the products are thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur. You should contact us about such issues. We reserve the right to rectify the error or defect within 72 hours. If any deficiency is approved and we fail to correct it within 72 hours from the date of the initial complaint letter or any other notification provided by a Customer, the refund will be issued to the customer in full without any compensations or reimbursements. OR, at the customer’s request, a new product of the same or similar value can be provided; please be aware that our technicians may want temporary access to your WebHost/server to discover and resolve any potential issues with our products. Failure to grant such access on time may cause the issue to be resolved more slowly. If you refuse to provide us access to your server, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Products not-as-described: Such faults should be notified within 7 days of the purchase date. It is necessary to offer clear evidence that the acquired products are not as stated on the website. Complaints based solely on the customer’s false expectations or requests are not taken into consideration.

Please note that we are not responsible for any refund/return/exchange requests based on incompatibility of our products with third-party software (plug-ins, add-ons, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions, and so on) other than those that are specified as compatible in a description available on the product’s sales page. We don’t guarantee that our products are fully compatible with any third-party programs (including web hosts), and we don’t offer support for them.

Requests for refunds must be sent to [email protected] within one week of the order being placed. This request should be accompanied by a comprehensive explanation of why you are requesting a refund. Please double-check that your request does not conflict with our Terms of Service/Privacy Policy.

Refund Processing, Cancellation Fee & Chargebacks

  • Refund Processing: Within 180 business days of the date of cancellation, partial refunds will be processed and mailed using the mode of payment agreed upon at the start of the project, i.e. refund by check or credit card. And, within 50 business days of the date of cancellation, complete refunds will be processed and issued, using the form of payment agreed upon at the start of the project, i.e. refund by check or refund by credit card.
  • Cancelation Fee: If a client cancels the project or any portion of the project scope, the client will be charged a 20% cancellation fee by Smartestlancer.
  • Chargebacks: Your service or project will be suspended without any notice if we receive a chargeback or payment dispute (i.e. PayPal Dispute) from a credit card company or bank. Before restoring the services, file delivered, or any further work completion, a $50 chargeback fee (issued to recover fees passed on to us by the credit company), as well as any outstanding balances acquired as a result of the chargeback(s), must be paid in full. Contact us instead of filing a chargeback to resolve any billing difficulties. Requesting a chargeback or a PayPal dispute for an authorized charge from us is a fraud, and it is never a suitable or legal way to get a return.


Smartestlancer reserves the right to change this policy at any moment and without notice at its sole discretion. As a result, you should examine this policy regularly. Your continuing use of the website following any such adjustments implies your acceptance of the changes.